Youth exchange Patchwork dances vol.2 (Poland). The experience of the Spanish team

24 septiembre 2021 laura

A normal way to start an article of an exchange would be doing it from the beginning, but instead of that we are going to start from the end. At 3:00 a.m., a bus for going back to the airport was waiting for us, the entire Spanish team was crying and embracing with people that we have just met for the first time eight days ago, we had the thought that maybe we wouldn’t meet them again, in our lives. The reason why we were crying was because an amazing and unique experience had finished that night. This experience linked 40 people that at first were very different from each other and now we are going to tell you how it was posible.

The first day of the exchange, we were a little shy but step by step we began to feel more comfortable with the others and with the common language. For the big part of us, was the first time that we took part in an exchange like this one, however that didn’t matter. Everyone was very kind and open and we became friends so easily and quickly. We want to highlight that the first night, at the first party, we danced, talked and shared funny moments which broke most of the barriers that were between us.

Regarding the part of the dance, we have danced as many hours as no week in our life’s, and it was awesome, we enjoyed every minute. Learning a little bit of all these different types of dances was really funny, interesting and a good way to allow us to express ourselfs without words. Dancing with people from other countries is a nice way to get to know better the other person and some things about their cultures.

From our point of view, spending all that time dancing and making the common choreography let us tofeel that we were a truly group and make us create a great bond between each other. This big group we formed  didn’t discriminate people by the age, by physical or language abilities. The moment when we truly felt that we were part of this big group was after the performance, when we did in front of hundreds of people the choreography that we had been practicing during all the week. There were a lot of feelings inside of us in that moment that we didn’t realised until the performance was over and the curtain went down. After that, we started to jump together in a circle, connecting holding ours arms and celebrating and singing at the same time. It was magic.

All the dances, games, talks, jokes were reasons for all of us to left a tear in Poland before to come back to our home, we would love to meet again with all of these great people in another project like this. We would have wanted to stay even more days! We are so grateful to have taken part of this.

Spanish team


“Nuestro destino nunca es un lugar, sino una nueva forma de ver las cosas”